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Energy University offers high level training, certification, continuing education and networking opportunities for professionals in the rapidly developing renewable energy and cleantech industries. 


Background:  Most private and publicly funded training and re-training programs emphasize job training for newly designated “green collar” positions – solar installation, wind assembly, energy appraisals, building retrofit.  By contrast, few provide opportunities for certification and continuing education for the rapidly emerging professional positions who are the drivers of renewable energy and cleantech, including: 


  • Contract Managers
  • GrantWriters
  • Business Plan Developers
  • Project Developers
  • Operations Professionals
  • Engineers
  • Sales
  • Management


Setting:  Energy University will provide these opportunities for existing and newly entering professionals in the renewable energy and clean-tech sectors.  From its professional campus in the Sierra foothills, Energy University will attract and develop business and corporate professionals for high-level short and medium term (one to ten days) immersion training.  Professionals will choose opportunities ranging from simple one-day sessions to certification courses. 


Energy University will rely upon educators, trainers and professionals of national caliber to lead these course offerings, and students will be solicited nationally and internationally.  A key objective will be to create a world class and nationally recognized training center that attracts state and national attention and public and private financial support.


Partners:  Grant University, The Grant Farm, Sierra College, Butte County Private Industry Council, Nevada County Economic Resource Council, and Sierra College.


Budget:  Grant University is a privately owned educational and training company.  As such, a key objective is to develop a model that creates positive cash flow and supports job creation in the short term.  Start-up funds of approximately $150,000 will allow a small team to quickly develop core curriculum, identify trainers and teachers, implement marketing and communications and secure high-profile professional space.  Fees of $149 to $950 will quickly create a reliable revenue stream that reduces the ongoing need for public investment.


Timeline:  A first course in Foundations of Federal and State GrantWriting for Renewable Energy Professionals will be offered by June, 2010.


Information:  For more information, see the attached Grant University proposal or contact:


Shawn Garvey

Energy University

107 Sacramento Street

Suite 300

Nevada City, CA 95959



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